Borovets attracts tourists with good ski runs and great discounts


 A month after the official opening of the season, ski resort Borovets is the preferred destination not just for the citizens of Sofia.

Even the lack of natural snow cannot repel people from neighboring countries, such as Macedonia, Serbia and Romania. All facilities of artificial snow work at full speed every night, ensuring excellent conditions for skiing in the otherwise warm January. Even though weaker, compare to previous seasons, the 2013-2014 season is shaping up to be good. Almost all the restaurants in the resort offer amazing discounts for Bulgarians- up to 50%, in compensation for the lack of snow. Thus, a romantic dinner in Borovets can get closer in price to the same one in the busy and noisy city of Sofia. The hotels also offer various attractive package prices, which start at 35.00 leva per night, per person, in small hotels and reach 100-200 leva in the large luxury resorts. The industry reports an increase in the number of tourists compared to last year by about 10-15%.

Given the good start of the season and the upcoming snow days forecast by the meteorologists, everyone is hoping for a strong and successful season. In February when Borovets hosts the 2014 European Cup in alpine skiing for men and the best alpine skiers in the world gather for a final training before the start of the Olympics in Sochi, Borovets will meet them with high spirits and natural snow.