Samokov valley

Samokov valley has abundant waters and has great conditions for summer tourism and water sports. Through it passes the Iskar River, which has two main branches in its beginning – Cherni Iskar and Beli Iskar, along with numerous smaller rivers, streams and tributaries (Palakaria and Shipochanitsa) that flow in it. Before entering Samokov, alongside the river is situated an area called Lago. It is around 200-300 meters wide. Lago has many wetland forests and has a road going through it. Going along the Iskar River current, passing Samokov, is the Iskar Dam. Two of the most beautiful Rila Lakes hoard their cold waters in this region – Yonchevo Lake and Strashno Lake. Both have been a favorite place to the painter Hristo Yonchev-Kriskaretz. The Yonchevo Lake is named after him. Around them are four more lakes, the most popular of which is the Svinsko Lake. In the region of small Maliovitsa are the two Camel Lakes and east of Malyovitsa are the Deer Lakes.

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