Samokov is a center for winter sports, south of it is the Borovets Resort. Nearby are the Govedartsi ski resort and the tourist complex Malyovitsa, which situated in the Mecha meadow- a valley extension of the Maliovitsa River, 1720 m above sea level. There is a hotel in here as well as ski runs with drag lifts and a ski wardrobe, fit with everything necessary for winter sports. The snow cover lasts relatively long. Depending on the snow falls you could even ski during May. In that same area you can find the CBS Malyovitsa - base for alpinists who want to climb Malyovitsa, Olrovets, Zlia Zab, Lovnitsa or The Camel. Malyovitsa lodge (1986) is the only lodge in the alpine part of the region, north-western Rila Mountains. It was built on the left slope of the valley of the Malyovishka River in 1934. A new tourist complex was built in 1981 with 20 rooms, water and electricity. There is a skiing ground and a ski drag. It is visited all year round.

Other lodges:
•    Zavrachitsa /2178 m/
•    Musala     /2390 m/
•    Mechit /1670 m/
•    Vada
•    Maritsa
•    Chakur Voyvoda
•    Yastebets

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