The fortress Alinsko kale



Alinsko kale is a Bulgarian fortress situated near the Alino monastery “St. Spas”. The fortress is located around 7km from the village Alino, Samokov municipality. The remains of the castle wall, at some points, reached as high as 2.5 meters. In the past, the walls created a courtyard with an area of about 3 acres. The fortress is being studied by archeologists. Some say the Alinsko kale fortress was built in the period of XII-XIII century and continued to exist until the mid XVII century.


The castle walls once surrounded an area of about 3000 square meters. The remains of the fortress date it from XI-XII century, and it probably survived up until the XVII century. From the east, west and north, the hill is surrounded by steep and inaccessible ravines. The only steep road to the fortress is from the meadow in fromnt of the Alino monastery.




There are several ways to reach the place:


From the Alino village- it’s about 8km away, 2 hours walking time: The road north, out of the Alino village goes in the direction above the dam. The roads ahead are really bad and if you are travelling by car it would be a good idea to leave it there and continue on foot. Afterwards come many ascents and descents through the gullies and hills in the forest. In short-not a pleasant ride. There are no markings and no signs.


From the canton road by the village Plana, about 8km away, 2 hours walking time: The road starts from the canton road by the village Plana, goes by a guarded water supply area and continues south along the ravine of the river. There is a high chance of getting lost. There are no markings and no signs.


From the chapel "St. Cyprian" by the village Plana (recommended route), about 7km away, an hour and a half walking time: Around 500 meters after the chapel is the Todorova neighborhood in the village Plana. From there on you go left towards the satellite station and your path is right through the dirt road. The next two kilometers can be crossed by car, but you can leave it here. The dirt road is quite rough. Walking on this road, however, is a real treat- a relatively flat terrain through meadows with gorgeous views towards the Vitosha and Rila mountains, and low thin woods. There are no markings and no signs- check your map. The route is suitable for bicycles.


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