Ecopath “Friends of plants”


In the Yavorova meadow area, right next to the village of Govedartsi is situated the very first botanic path in the country called “Friends of plants”. It opened its doors for the first time on the 5th of October 2002. The botanic trail leads a path from the Yavorova meadow to the Urdin cirque. It will give you the opportunity to discover and familiarize yourselves with the main tree and shrub species, grasses and herbs, to look at the rock crevices or along the streams in the shadow of the spruce and white fir forest. There are nine viewpoints from which you can observe, on average, of more than 60 different species of plants. The unique relict flora and fauna as well as the richness of the endemic species determine its high conservation value. The park is a habitat for plant and animal species that are listed in the World Red Book, the European list of rare, endangered and endemic species, the Red Book of Bulgaria, types of the applications of the international conventions to which Bulgaria is a member of. Lodges and shelters offer the opportunity to stay overnight in the Park. There are 17 tourist lodges with over 1500 beds within the Park. They are mostly supervised by the Bulgarian Tourist Union. In addition to that there are 4 tourist shelters which can be used in case of bad weather conditions.