Samokov is located 55 km. from Sofia and 8 km. from Borovets . It is the administrative center of the Municipality of Samokov. Samokov valley lies between several mountains - Rila, Plana, Vitosha, Verila, Ihtimanska sredna gora - 950 meters above sea level. The valley extends over 185 km2 and thru it run Iskar River and its tributaries.
Samokov is located in the eponymous valley and it is one of the entrances of the Rila National Park, 29 km from the mineral springs in Separeva Banya, 14 km from those of Belchin Banya, 27 km from the spa complex in Dolna Banya and 12 km south of Iskar Dam.
The location of the city determines the climate - not too hot summers and cold, snowy winters, with very few exceptions of fog.