Museums in Samokov

The Historical Museum is another proof of the high intelligence of the Samokov citizens, their sense of historical memory and high public engagement. In the early 30’s the famous Samokov artists Naum Hadzhimpladenov and Vasil Zahariev propose a museum exhibition, which to be housed in a local community center.

That idea was turned into reality in the summer of 1931 thanks to two other famous master artists – Hristo Yonchev-Kriskarets and Pavel Frantsaliyski. Its first curator was Naum Hadzhimladenov. Vasil Zahariev developed the Rules of the museum, which were approved by the Ministry of Culture and so the museum was officially recognized. Hristo Vakarelski described the exhibits in an inventory book and Slavi Genev prepared thematic plan. In 1957 George Belstoinev completed the layout of the museum, which is still preserved in the first floor. In 1937 Christo Yonchev-Kriskarets made an exhibition of the folk art in Samokov, which marked the beginning of the ethnographic collection. In 1958 the National revival exhibition was completed and in 1966- the revolutionary movement. Today the museum is home to over 30 000 exhibits.

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