Malyovitsa is a smaller resort than Borovets, but has no equal when it comes to natural beauty and grandeur, not just in the Rila Mountains, but in all of Bulgaria. It is situated in the Malyovitsa subpart of the northwestern Rila area, around 1700 meters above sea level. It is connected to an asphalt road leading to the village of Govedartsi (13km) and the town of Samokov (27km). There is a regular bus service to Govedartsi and once a day to the town of Samokov. The long winter and the abundant snow guarantee skiing throughout the whole winter. Two lifts provide access to the slope for both average and advanced skiers.

Maliovitsa is a symbol of the Bulgarian alpinism and mountaineering, and is a natural base for alpine sports. Alongside the majestic peak Malyovitsa, the region is home to two other alpine peaks, which turn the Maliovitsa subpart into the most desirable place for alpine climbing in Bulgaria.

During the 50s, here was the only one of its kind in the Balkans, and one of few in Eastern Europe, school for training qualified personnel for mountain sports- mountain climbers, climbing instructors, instructors hiking, mountain guides, ski instructors tourism, ski teachers and others. It is known as the Central Mountain School Maliovitsa (recently called Training Center Maliovitsa "Hristo Prodanov" after the first Bulgarian set foot on Mount Everest).

The highest alpine walls and most difficult rock tours are right here. Nearby you can find one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the Balkan Peninsula- Strashnoto. At the foothills of Malyovitsa peak is located the Malyovitsa lodge- a starting point for trips to the top. From there to the summit, through the glacial valley is a marked trail, parts of the international tourist route E4. The path continues from the Malyovitsa summit in the direction of Razdela, the Ivan Vasov lodge and the region of the Seven Rila Lakes, with a detour towards the Rila monastery. The area around Malyovitsa peak and the slopes of the river valley hold dangers of avalanches and must be crossed with caution during the winter season.

There are a lot of marked hiking routes starting from the resort towards Northwestern Rila: towards the Ivan Vasov lodge (7 hours), “Ribni ezera” lodge (9-10 hours), the Rila monastery (6 hours), “Strashno ezero” shelter (3 hours), “BAK” shelter (2 hours), “Vada” lodge (1:30 hours), “Lovna” lodge (2:30 hours), “Seven Rila Lakes” lodge (8 hours on the ridge and 5 hours below it), “Mechit lodge (4 hours). An hour away from the resort, against the stream of the Malyovitsa river, more than 2000 meters above sea level is the “Malyovitsa” lodge (old and new construction, along with wooden bungalows), where you can spend the night and buy a hot meal. From the lodge, 2-3 hours of easy walking you go through a marked (both in the summer and winter) route to the summit of Malyovitsa. There are several ski track and skiing facilities in the region.

The opportunities to spend the night are relatively limited. Hotel “Malyovitsa” has the most beds (180), as well as a restaurant, a disco, a café, a games room, souvenir shop and ski storage. The Training Center offers fewer beds and fewer conveniences- 4 people or more in a room

There is also a restaurant (self-service), a bar, gym, artificial climbing wall and a museum of mountaineering. Around Mecha Polyana are scattered numerous small, cozy restaurants where you can drink and eat, or just listen to good music over a cup of coffee or a soft drink. The Training Center has a Mountain Rescue Service outpost (tel. 07 125 2382).




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